Retargeting by Numbers

Increase in conversion rates when using retargeting.


Higher CTR than standard display ads when using retargeting campaigns.


Facebook Retargeting

Are you aware of how incredibly precise and targeted you can be with Facebook ads? Not only are you reaching people in a space that they trust, Facebook, but you are able to reach the right people that would be most interested in your business’s product or service. This precise type of targeting is going to stretch your marketing dollars and maximize your return on investment.

If someone visits your website, you can deliver ads to them based on the pages they viewed on your site and how long they were on each page. If you have a video to use as an ad, you can retarget them based on what point they stopped watching the video. This makes every ad more contextual and relevant to the viewer of the ad, which results in more engaged traffic and higher conversion rates. All of that is to say: we get you results that you aren’t seeing from other channels.

Run highly personalized and targeted Facebook ads that bring past visitors back to your site.

Tracking Pixels

We start the process by creating your unique tracking pixel through your Facebook Ad Manager. This pixel is then installed on every page of your website

Custom Audiences

Site visitors are segmented into different audiences based on their on-site behavior.

Email List Audiences

Retargeting a list of email addresses that is already familiar with your business is a great way to increase conversions and ROI.

Campaign Creation

We work with you to create the copy, creatives, call to action, and targeting for each ad.