How A Facebook Account Can Help Grow Your Business


How A Facebook Account Can Help Grow Your Business

A Facebook account can truly grow your business in a number of different ways. Therefore, the question shouldn’t be this: “Should my business have a Facebook account?” It should be this: “Why wouldn’t you have a Facebook account for your business?”

While we will get to four great points in a bit, just think of all of the ways you can lure in customers on Facebook. You can do giveaways on this social media platform, such as give away free shirts, stickers, products, etc. This tactic is especially useful if you run a food business, because you can give away free food. Simply point, that lures the customer to your restaurant. You can also ask your followers questions, release polls, etc.

Facebook is a great tool that everyone should be using, and that is especially the case if you own a business. It doesn’t hurt that everyone seems to have a Facebook account nowadays, and that isn’t the case for every single social media network.

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How A Facebook Account Can Help Grow Your Business

  • Customer Feedback/Engagement
  • Content Is Still King, And Facebook Is The Perfect Place To Share It
  • You Can Boost Posts To Reach A Larger Audience
  • The Data

Customer Feedback/Engagement

Thanks to Facebook, not only can you get amazing customer feedback, but you can engage with your customers as well.

Of course, you can get customer feedback in the traditional sense, which is customers/followers commenting on your posts. However, you can also literally ask your customers for feedback. This can relate to your product/service, it can relate to the content that you are dropping on Facebook — anything.Facebook

In terms of the engagement part, Facebook allows all of your followers to have a voice. This wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do before Facebook was the ultimate social media destination. After all, if a customer wanted to engage with you or your business in the past, said customer had to actually go to your business, phone in, send an email (this wasn’t always available either) or send a letter. Now, engaging with customers is a very easy process. With that said, you have to make sure you are responding to each and every customer.

How can this grow your business, one might be wondering? It’s pretty simple. Thanks to customer feedback and engagement, you can follow your customers’ advice and fix things that need to be fixed, or continue to do things you are knocking out of the park. You have to please your customers/followers, because these are the people who are buying your product/service.

Content Is Still King, And Facebook Is The Perfect Place To Share It

If you are trying to rank higher on Google, implement all-star SEO or are trying to make money off of your content by driving more people to your website, then Facebook is the perfect place to share your content.

Not only can one post start trending if follower after follower starts sharing said post, but this could lead to more people liking your page, and going to your website. You have to remember that content is still king, whether it is a written article, video or whatever it might be.

Thanks to social media networks like Facebook, you can get your content out to a greater amount of people, especially if your website is not a destination website. Just because it is not a destination website, that does not mean people aren’t going to go to it, because you can lure them in through — you guessed it — Facebook.

You Can Boost Posts To Reach A Larger Audience

This is the really cool thing about Facebook. You can pay a little extra money (or a lot) to boost a post. This will lead to your post showing up on more Facebook feeds. Not to mention, you can either reach a larger audience by setting that up during the boosting process, or you can specifically reach your target audience.

You might be paying for this traffic, but this is a great way for more eyes to see your content, which will lead to more eyes reading your posts, going to your website and buying/using your products/services.

If you aren’t boosting your posts, then you might want to consider throwing a few bucks at future posts. After all, your numbers could increase drastically, and you could gain more customers in the process. More customers should equal greater sales. Not to mention, a page with a ton of likes looks more credible (and you can gain more likes by boosting your posts).

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The Data

FacebookThanks to the data provided on your Facebook page, you can literally see which posts are getting the most engagement and which posts are, well, not getting a whole lot of engagement. Then, you can use this data to drive your Facebook strategy.

For example, if certain video articles aren’t working, then stop posting them on Facebook altogether — well, if you are trying to reach more people, that is. However, if you posted five articles that revolve around the same topic and all five posts were major hits in terms of traffic and engagement, then now you know to post more content like that.

With that said, you don’t want to base your strategy off of this data alone. Why? Well, because the internet is a very strange place. After all, you never know what is going to start trending and what your customers will like. Regardless, this data can give you a relatively good idea on what works and what doesn’t work.

If you aren’t using Facebook to grow your business, then you are missing out on a golden opportunity — it is really that simple.

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