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As a full-service digital marketing agency, Quantum Media uses the latest software and marketing trends to bring results to your business and generate significant return on your investment. Our team of experts will take your business to the next level with long and short-term campaigns aimed at measurable results. Most importantly, Quantum Media is dedicated to meeting your company goals and making your investment work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jeremy Adams answers a few of our most frequently asked questions while explaining our core strengths here at Quantum Media. Jeremy has found success running a business with a massive online presence. Apart from his ownership in Quantum Media, Jeremy has an 8-figure food truck manufacturing business which has grown rapidly thanks to the power of an increasingly large digital presence.

A Quantum Media Success Story


CarbonKlean is a non-chemical cleaning product that disinfects eyeglasses, smart phones, and tablets. It’s the safest and most tested lens-cleaning technology in the world. In fact, their technology is literally out of this world - they are the only cleaners used by NASA to clean lenses on the International Space Station. It’s easy to use, compact, and never expires! Quantum Media manages CK’s social media, Facebook advertising, email marketing, blog writing, and content creation.

Dan Patton - CEO
Our Team

Jeremy Adams

Being one of Influencive.com’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Jeremy C. Adams is not timid to climb the ladder of ultimate success. Armed with an impressive background in finance, sales, and hospitality, at 22 years old, Jeremy went on to become founder of Prestige Food Trucks, along with launching many other successful businesses. One of Jeremy’s business partners is Kevin Harrington, a past investor from Shark Tank. Together, they have founded a business called Quantum Media, a leading and extremely innovative marketing company. If you want to know anything else, feel free to connect!

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Cody Neer

Cody is an accomplished and Innovative Digital Marketer with a career history of architecting automated digital sales environments, building creative business teams, and launching products globally. Cody founded his first business in the digital payment processing industry helping pioneer the electronic check industry at the age of 22. As a serial entrepreneur, Cody is the founder/CEO of Bucks of America (Bucksof.com) an outdoor lifestyle apparel brand for the North American hunting and fishing community. Most recently in 2016, Cody launched the Double Take Shot Glass, (doubletakeshotglass.com) a patented shot glass/chaser that revolutionizes the shot taking experience.

CenFlo board of directors for young entrepreneurs.

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Brian Harrington

Brian Harrington is an entrepreneur who has extensive experience in the Electronic Retailing Marketing Industry and has been involved in dozens of product launches reaching sales of nearly $100 million.

Brian served at the VP of Merchandising at AsSeenOnTV, where he was responsible for identifying, sourcing, and developing new products for commercial marketing success. He managed over 1,000 vendors, thousands of products, millions of customers, marketing strategies, content production, and team management.

He then served as President of StarShop, which he founded with his father Kevin Harrington. StarShop is a mobile shopping platform utilizing celebrities to sell product via unique selling videos in conjunction with Sprint Corp and Pinsight Media+. Brian managed employees, celebrities, vendors, marketing, internal budgets, forecasting, and more.

Brian founded TeleStar Products International, Inc., a full-service electronic retailing marketing company, specializing in product development and identifying products strengths/abilities and their suitability for direct response, live shopping, and digital marketing. TeleStar markets dozens of brands through Television and the Internet. TeleStar is at the forefront of social media marketing and sales conversion where they are working on sales and marketing programs in many categories and sectors.

Brian is also a partner in Harrington Enterprises, which owns and operates multiple business, including a Digital Marketing Agency, Selling on Amazon Business, Retail Distribution Company, Reality Show Production Company, eSports Destination Platform, Entrepreneur Mastermind Business, Corporate Training Business, and owner of dozens of successful selling products in multiple categories.

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Max Finn

Passionate entrepreneur with a track record of solving complex problems, managing diverse groups of people and building innovative products. Applied advanced marketing and business development skills to build an app with 200,000+ users and an e-commerce site with a $200,000 run rate in less than 6 months.

Notable Achievements Include:

Took a startup (Loot!) from an idea to a company with 12 employees, 200,000 users, $1.5M in funding and numerous Fortune 500 clients. Paid out over $1M in user rewards.

Launched an e-commerce startup (Startup Drugz) that generated $10,000 in monthly revenue within 5 months of launch. Created a marketing strategy that was responsible for driving 25,000 unique visitors to the store during the first 7 days of launch.

Accepted into YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council), which is one of the most selective and respected business communities in the world.

Frequent writer with articles published by top media outlets including Inc., Yahoo! Small Business, Techli, The Next Web, Startups.co and Social Media Today.

Graduated second in class from Babson College with a double concentration in strategic management and entrepreneurship. Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the international business honor society.

Received “Most Outstanding Student” award in the Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge course, which Inc. selected as one of the top entrepreneurship courses in America.

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Our Chairman

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington has over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is well known as an Original Shark on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’. He is also the Inventor of the Infomercial, As Seen On TV Pioneer, Co- Founder of the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA), and Co- Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

Kevin has collectively launched hundreds of businesses, products, distribution centers, and iconic brands. He has authored books like ‘Key Person of Influence,’ and appeared in magazines like Forbes and The New York Times.

Kevin is now the chairman of Quantum Media. With combined success and expertise, professionals with Quantum Media help businesses flourish with the latest digital marketing trends and tools. The advancements in technology and the digital marketplace make this service invaluable. Kevin provides the advice and expertise on how to navigate the constant changing distribution and marketing outlets.