3 Hires That Will Take Your Business’ Digital Marketing Efforts To The Top

Digital Marketing

3 Hires That Will Take Your Business’ Digital Marketing Efforts To The Top

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

More likely than not, you already have a great product, enough funds to create said product (and to hire employees), you have the perfect office and the list goes on and on. However, do you know the power of digital marketing?

Sure, you might advertise here and there and you might have some form of marketing strategy, but if you want to take your business’ digital marketing efforts to the top, then you have to make three key hires, and said hires can be found below.

Always remember, a strong digital marketing approach alone could be the difference between your business making thousands in revenue and millions in revenue. In a day and age when people are constantly on the internet (via phones, computers and tablets), you have to find these people and target them.

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3 Hires That Will Take Your Business’ Digital Marketing Efforts To The Top

  • A Social Media Guru
  • An SEO Expert
  • A Data Specialist

A Social Media Guru

The No. 1 reason why you need to make three key hires to take your business’ digital marketing efforts to the top: You likely aren’t an expert in digital marketing. Not to mention, your time should be spent in other areas, such as managing employees and making business deals.Digital Marketing

Every business — scratch that, every successful business — needs to have a social media presence. Why? Well, because that’s where all of the customers are! The amount of people you can reach on social media is absurd. Instead of going super old school by passing out flyers and going door to door in hopes of achieving brand awareness, you can simply reach your target audience on social media networks on Facebook … without leaving the house/office.

Believe it or not, reaching your target audience takes more than simply posting content — it is an art, really. A social media guru not only knows the ins and outs of every social media network (or at least the most important ones), but he/she also knows how to use data to back up the social media strategies. Do you?

An SEO Expert

SEO is ever-changing. The moment you think your website has finally cracked the code and will be awarded with top Google rankings is the moment Google will drastically change its algorithms. That is why you need an SEO expert, someone who knows how to crack the code, if you will.

You probably aren’t an expert in the SEO department. Sure, you can do a ton of research to eventually get there, or come up with some form of strategy, but then you would be wasting your time on something you are not an expert in. An SEO expert will help you save time and money in the long run, he/she will get better results and this same person will know what to do when your Google rankings start to take a hit (assuming they ever do).

SEO changes all of the time, folks. Be ready for these changes by having an SEO expert on your team.

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A Data Specialist

Digital MarketingIf you want to implement an all-star digital marketing strategy, then your plan will be backed by data, and that’s where a data specialist comes into play. This person, this very, very valuable person, will know the ins and outs of data on social media, Google and the internet in general.

While SEO experts and social media managers need to know how to research data on their platforms, a data specialist is the final touch, a person who can put it all together. This person will know how to drive traffic (organic and paid traffic) to your site, among many other things (honestly, that’s just the beginning).

If you want to create the best business you can possibly create, then you have to create a dream team, and the three hires above need to be included.

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